Gabriel’s Legion: A Flash Game in Development

A few semesters ago there was a project I started called Gabriel’s Legion that I wanted to work on. I had some great ideas rolling around in my head during this time and they started to snowball. The idea of the game is pretty simple, You would have a hero (In this case Me) who is fighting against zombies and other creatures of the dead. But, why is it called Gabriel’s Legion you ask! Well, through some amazing story telling Gabriel has gained the power to raise his own “Army of the Dead” to help him on his quest to restore humanity. The best way to describe the games core concept is Plants vs Zombies mixed with Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Continue reading


Getting Started in Unity Game Development

Over the last few months I’ve began my journey into the world of Unity development. Starting with my internship at Bully Entertainment I had never worked with the engine before. While hitting the ground running with no shoes and this being my first experience, I had to catch myself up. At least to the point where I can manage without asking my lead questions every five seconds. A few articles back I listed some major links for beginners starting in flash. I know flash but it was time to switch gears into Unity and C#. Another obstacle was figuring out where I should start. If you’re like me you tend to troll the internet visiting multiple tutorials sites because I hate the feeling of being repetitive. So I begin my search on the Unity development page and found the documentation of the Unity script, 3d tutorials, and video introductions to be amazingly helpful. There you can find 2d side-scroller, 3d first person, and platformer tutorials that break down the ins and outs of unity basics. They are very helpful but besides the actual unity website the tutorials become very thin. Don’t worry, just like you, I am new the whole process myself and learning something new every day. Luckily this semester I started a series of events that all fell in order for me. Continue reading

Sony Says Thank You to Gamers with New AD

One of the best video game ads in recent memory. Can you name all the characters?

Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming a Video Game Tester: Getting Your Foot in the Door Part 1

So, you want to get your foot in the door in the video game industry? You want to be a video game tester? You love video games? If you answered yes to all three of those questions than this Do and Don’ts guide will help inform and prepare you for that first step. The first of a two-part series.

DO: Check Out Company Websites. What better place to look than directly to the source? Find out what companies are located in your area by going to sites like or Apply to job listings directly at the companies’ websites.

DON’T: Choose a company that does not suit your gaming style. If you hate Facebook games why would you apply to a company that makes them? Also, some would argue against this, but never spam email a company.

Continue reading

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This Site is Under Construction

A note to visitors,

If you have come to this site by accident or …..because I sent you here than Welcome! The site is “under construction” and for now, only being used to host my full resume.

For now, you can take a look at my resume and read my “About Me” profile. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!