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AS3: A Simple Sound Class for Your Game

In this article I will be going over a simple and  basic game sound class that I whipped up in a matter of hours. This GameSoundClass, I have used this in a bunch of small projects and games. For the purpose of simplicity, code for controlling the sound levels, pitch, pan and volume have been taken out the code. The goal is just to create a basic “Sound Manager Class” for beginners to programming in OOP AS3 and anyone who just needs something quick and dirty for projects that work.

The code is located here

The downside: Using this class, you will have to load all the sounds at once, most likely in your game or programs preloader. This does not matter as much for small projects but when you start using bigger a bigger library of sounds you will notice a long load time. If you have any questions or comments please post them! You can also follow me on twitter @GabeTHEGeek as I plan to write some tutorials using AS3, C++,  and C#….or just on something cool I stumbled upon(Get the joke). Enjoy!

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Getting Started in Unity Game Development

Over the last few months I’ve began my journey into the world of Unity development. Starting with my internship at Bully Entertainment I had never worked with the engine before. While hitting the ground running with no shoes and this being my first experience, I had to catch myself up. At least to the point where I can manage without asking my lead questions every five seconds. A few articles back I listed some major links for beginners starting in flash. I know flash but it was time to switch gears into Unity and C#. Another obstacle was figuring out where I should start. If you’re like me you tend to troll the internet visiting multiple tutorials sites because I hate the feeling of being repetitive. So I begin my search on the Unity development page and found the documentation of the Unity script, 3d tutorials, and video introductions to be amazingly helpful. There you can find 2d side-scroller, 3d first person, and platformer tutorials that break down the ins and outs of unity basics. They are very helpful but besides the actual unity website the tutorials become very thin. Don’t worry, just like you, I am new the whole process myself and learning something new every day. Luckily this semester I started a series of events that all fell in order for me. Continue reading