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Five Months and Counting But I’m Back

Wow, it has really been five months since my last post. When I first started this blog there was so much time on my hands. I figured, this would be an outlet for me to post my thoughts and Ideas for anyone interested in reading my ramblings. Also, In between the more technical post, I would talk about some life experiences along the way. I wanted to talk about things I’ve learned, projects going on, and day to day problems that spark me to put words on paper.

A lot has changed for me in the last five months. I went from doing some Unity development at Bully! Entertainment as a Intern which was an okay experience, than to a web company called Ignition72(very brief) but great people, and now a full-time GUI Programmer at Amtote International. I’ve always felt that people can create their own opportunities. But, those same opportunities can be lost based on how you respond.

I, have failed plenty. No matter what happens though, you must keep trying, learn, and move on when needed. You must have no regrets, just take any new-found knowledge and build. What you decide to build is up to you. For me, it was a wall of networking and entrepreneurial skills. I also found a true passion for helping the indie game development community by trying(within my little blog) shine some light on the talent that may never get any. I was drawn to the their dedication, willingness to help each other, supporting of their peers projects, and how they want give back. Now, I’m back and more motivated than ever to keep my readers entertained, or at least create conversation. I promise more special guest artciles, more tech post, and more personal experiences for you to read about. See you next week!


Rebooting the IGDA

It has been a little over a year since the IGDA Baltimore Chapter held a meeting and people have been questioning what happened. Well, instead of focusing on what should have been and why, I want to move forward and learn from past experiences. Isn’t that how a entrepreneur looks at any opportunity? With that said, Tronster(Firaxis), Brett Doerle (Day 1 Studios) and I have come together to reboot the chapter. Tronster will take the seat as acting Chair for the Baltimore IGDA Chapter. I will continue to serve as the goto guy for communications and keeping you in the loop. Join us for the “Reboot Meeting” and party join the fun community. Here are the details:

  • On February 2nd
  • 7pm – 9pm
  • The Green Turtle in Hunt Valley
    (Located in the back of Hunt Valley Mall at 118 Shawan Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21030)

Open to all developers (AAA, indie, and students). No cost to attend. (But please purchase drinks and food, as well as be generous in tips to the GT staff.) I hope to see you there.

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Finding Work In Baltimore: An Email I’ve Seen Before

Today I got an email from a women named Jane. She emailed me in regards to my tweet on my GabeTHEGeek twitter account, and that tweet read:

The reason I wanted to publish her email because this is not the first time I’ve received an email from the local gaming and tech community looking for work. Also. I have been in her shoes. In this email I try my best to give useful advice. Check out the email and my reply. I encourage you to leave comments and advice also. Maybe a list of tech companies hiring would help.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Email from: Jane

Hi Gabe,

I saw your tweet the other day about you getting a job in three days – wow, impressive. I’ve been out of work for about 6 months and am always looking for job hunting tips. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve been going to many of the tech events in the area – past experience has told me, and your tweet, indicates that networking works. Are you out in the tech community often? Will you be at Create Baltimore this weekend?


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Hello Jane!

First, I want to say thanks following me on twitter and actually reading the crazy material I write. Now lets address those questions/statements.

I’ve been out of work for about 6 months and am always looking for job hunting tips. Do you have any suggestions?

My tweet was referring to a mentor who I’ve known for just a couple months. I gave him a call and just mentioned that I was looking for work and if he knew of any opportunities available or can point me in the right direction. That was all. I didn’t ask if he was hiring or his company. He gave me a referral and now It’s my job to hold up my end and make him look good!

Six months is long and I understand as I’ve been there before. I say keep at the networking events, call some people up and ask them to keep ears open, You have more than enough experience and I am surprised at this. You can go on the offensive and start contacting companies letting them know what services you can offer. Take your skills and amazing experience and turn it into a business model and freelance.

Baltimore Public, Charter, and Technology driven schools are VERY open to having contracted hires teach anything within the technology/math fields. And from “experience” I can tell you the pay is WAY above the average teacher salary.” I would suggest with your skills that you look into STEM non-profits and business models.

I’ve been going to many of the tech events in the area – past experience has told me, and your tweet, indicates that networking works.

When I’m giving speeches and doing workshops, I stress networking over and over because it has worked for me so well. I only give advice on what I have experienced. The problem with newcomers to networking is getting them to understand it’s not a resume pitch, product pitch, is your company hiring mobbing. It’s about building relationships and growing those into real business opportunities

once you have established a good rapport with them. Networking builds a base of great buiness friendships and recognition. It’s a small community and people will know your name so do everything to not be THAT person no one wants to hire.

Are you out in the tech community often? Will you be at Create Baltimore this weekend?

Yes, some of my favorite tech scene events are Innovate Baltimore, run by Ben Walsh of Pure Bang Games and Ignite Baltimore run by Mike Subelsky. If you have not checked those out yet than mark your calender and GO! I can personally say Innovate got me a Internship at a mobile app software company.

Unfortunately, I won’t be at Create Baltimore this week because of other engagements. But I’m sure we will run into each other in smalltimore if your involved in the tech community.

Hope this helps and feel free to email me again!

.::President Of
Gabriel Pendleton

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Now Pick Up A Functional Skill And Help Build It Your Damn Self

A few days ago, I was talking with some friends about their current small scale project and an all familiar issue came up, the “Idea Man”. If you have been doing game, software development, or business development in general on any level you know what I’m talking about. This is the guy that sits around and brainstorms ideas for you. They are the one who always has the best game design ideas and will take over the world with their great ideas. You know the one “It’s gonna be like Call of Duty and Skyrim but better”.

Anyhow, they begin to tell me that one of their members simply became the Idea Guy and started explaining how they felt he was avoiding doing any of the work that required him to get in the trenches. At this point my friends team was made up of two artists, one programmer and a Idea Man. You can already see the imbalance.

They begin to explain that he would continue to come up with more and more ideas for the project but would expect the other team members to implement them. When asked if he could help, his excuse was “I’m busy” writing up more ideas. After this continued for about 6+ months or so he dropped from the team. It was not until that moment they realized and asked themselves “What did he do?” The realization that he didn’t do any work or bother to help the team the whole time he was there. Other team members had 3d models to show off, a working demo that the programmer got up and running in an engine or language he never used before. The Idea Man had his…Ideas. On a team of four people, their is simply no room for someone who wants to be the Idea Guy. Everyone must wear multiple hats and equally pitch in so the other members are not carrying the weight.

When working with a team people need someone able and willing of doing the actual work. They need programmers, designers, and eventually folks to do marketing, support, and more. What they don’t need, though, is someone who’s just going to be The Idea Guy. The truth is that most everyone has plenty of good ideas that could work out to be great. The value of The Perfect Idea is very small indeed. That doesn’t mean it’s useless to have big ideas and plenty of enthusiasm. If you’re that guy, you’ve got a great start. Now pick up a functional skill and help build it your damn self.

Helping The Patriots Technology Center

First I want to say sorry for not posting anything lately, between working a fulltime internship, finals coming up and all my Baltimoregamer stuff, I simply get lost. But, I wanted to post today because I wanted everyone to know that I will be down in my hometown P.G. County at Kenmoor Middle School putting on a Game Design workshop: Introduction to Story boarding.  The Patriots Technology Training Center is a non profit group which works with middle and high school kids to introduce them to the wonders of STEM programs. Robots, Science, Math, Computers and of course my favorite, Video Games. Continue reading

President Freeman Hrabowski of UMBC in Maryland Profiled by 60min

This latest video find aired a couple days ago on 60 min. The piece profiles black President Freeman Hrabowski of UMBC in Maryland. He talked about the decline of scientist and engineering majors that “Produce jobs”. Since 1992 He has be President and and helped the college grow to one of the best in the country. Boasting 41% of Bachelor’s Degrees earned by students in Science, Math and Engineering compared to the national average of 25%. One of the most intriguing things mentioned is that some classes force no cell phones, no Facebook and other “distracting media”. The goal is to get people focused and collaborating as a team instead of competing. Watch the full video now and leave a comment below.

GamePitches: A look at Real Game Design Documents

Upon my many late night adventures surfing the web I came across this gem! is a repository for real industry design and pitch documents. Every up and coming devevloper or game designer should take a look at some of the documents. Continue reading

Sony Says Thank You to Gamers with New AD

One of the best video game ads in recent memory. Can you name all the characters?

Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming a Video Game Tester: Getting Your Foot in the Door Part 1

So, you want to get your foot in the door in the video game industry? You want to be a video game tester? You love video games? If you answered yes to all three of those questions than this Do and Don’ts guide will help inform and prepare you for that first step. The first of a two-part series.

DO: Check Out Company Websites. What better place to look than directly to the source? Find out what companies are located in your area by going to sites like or Apply to job listings directly at the companies’ websites.

DON’T: Choose a company that does not suit your gaming style. If you hate Facebook games why would you apply to a company that makes them? Also, some would argue against this, but never spam email a company.

Continue reading

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This Site is Under Construction

A note to visitors,

If you have come to this site by accident or …..because I sent you here than Welcome! The site is “under construction” and for now, only being used to host my full resume.

For now, you can take a look at my resume and read my “About Me” profile. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!