Hello Visitors,

You have reached my personal WordPress blog! I hope you enjoy it. Since you are currently on my “About Me” page, I guess you want to know who I am. Well, here it goes.

My name is Gabriel Pendleton, a tech enthusiast, game developer, entrepreneur, programmer and active community builder. I moved to the city of Baltimore around  2002 – 2003 and loved the energy surrounding the area. I like helping people succeed, giving advice, trying new technology and new ventures.

Went on to start a website called BaltimoreGamer to help the “Wide Spread” community of video game developers, students, educators, players and the overall community by providing  a place to find all the local development and gaming information in one place. “A hub for BaltimoreGamers”.

Education: Currenlty a student of “Simulation and Digital Entertainment” aka Game Design at the University of Baltimore.

Current Work: Full-Time User Interface Programmer by day and Indie Dev and Freelancer by night. Communications Manager at IGDA Baltimore, President of BaltimoreGamer.com,

Around Town: I am very much involved in the video games and tech startup community, always eager to learn more and meet new faces. Attending many networking events as I have time for, such as BarCamp, Ignite Baltimore, Innovate Baltimore, IGDA Baltimore, Crowd Pitch, DevCamp all while developing great relationships with amazing companies and individuals.

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