Five Months and Counting But I’m Back

Wow, it has really been five months since my last post. When I first started this blog there was so much time on my hands. I figured, this would be an outlet for me to post my thoughts and Ideas for anyone interested in reading my ramblings. Also, In between the more technical post, I would talk about some life experiences along the way. I wanted to talk about things I’ve learned, projects going on, and day to day problems that spark me to put words on paper.

A lot has changed for me in the last five months. I went from doing some Unity development at Bully! Entertainment as a Intern which was an okay experience, than to a web company called Ignition72(very brief) but great people, and now a full-time GUI Programmer at Amtote International. I’ve always felt that people can create their own opportunities. But, those same opportunities can be lost based on how you respond.

I, have failed plenty. No matter what happens though, you must keep trying, learn, and move on when needed. You must have no regrets, just take any new-found knowledge and build. What you decide to build is up to you. For me, it was a wall of networking and entrepreneurial skills. I also found a true passion for helping the indie game development community by trying(within my little blog) shine some light on the talent that may never get any. I was drawn to the their dedication, willingness to help each other, supporting of their peers projects, and how they want give back. Now, I’m back and more motivated than ever to keep my readers entertained, or at least create conversation. I promise more special guest artciles, more tech post, and more personal experiences for you to read about. See you next week!


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