Helping The Patriots Technology Center

First I want to say sorry for not posting anything lately, between working a fulltime internship, finals coming up and all my Baltimoregamer stuff, I simply get lost. But, I wanted to post today because I wanted everyone to know that I will be down in my hometown P.G. County at Kenmoor Middle School putting on a Game Design workshop: Introduction to Story boarding.  The Patriots Technology Training Center is a non profit group which works with middle and high school kids to introduce them to the wonders of STEM programs. Robots, Science, Math, Computers and of course my favorite, Video Games.

I was asked if I could put together a one hour workshop about video games for a estimated group of thirty kids. Of course I replied with a immediate yes! Usually I give speeches and talks with people who are my age, have the same or more experience than I do,  or people already in my field. This time I will be working with new fresh faces who see me as a rock star (which is cool). Teaching is something I’ve always had  interest in because you have the ability to inspire great minds. What better way to do this than returning to my hometown and showing a group of young minds that games can become a career.

Another thing about being involved in projects like this, you meet people who have so much passion. For instance I was introduced to Roderick Woodruff, Executive Director at Urban Video Game Academy, an educational program dedicated to preparing students in disadvantaged areas for postsecondary education and technology careers. You may recognize the UVGA name from it’s association with local tech guru Mario Armstrong.

On Dec 10th I will also be joined by my friend Eric Ruth who will be displaying his games and crashing the party with me as always. Until next time, I hope you enjoyed this post.


2 thoughts on “Helping The Patriots Technology Center

  1. Eddy Marlett says:

    Saw you at the event, loved your booth, see you again next year.

  2. gabethegeek says:

    Thanks! Sorry for the late reply. It was a great event to be at, hopefully we will have an increase of students.

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