Gabriel’s Legion: A Flash Game in Development

A few semesters ago there was a project I started called Gabriel’s Legion that I wanted to work on. I had some great ideas rolling around in my head during this time and they started to snowball. The idea of the game is pretty simple, You would have a hero (In this case Me) who is fighting against zombies and other creatures of the dead. But, why is it called Gabriel’s Legion you ask! Well, through some amazing story telling Gabriel has gained the power to raise his own “Army of the Dead” to help him on his quest to restore humanity. The best way to describe the games core concept is Plants vs Zombies mixed with Zombies Ate My Neighbors. As I continue to work on the game’s design document, also define the core functionality of the game, I wanted to post a few designs that I made for levels, UI, and the hero. Right now everything is just temporary and most of will change as the game progresses in it’s development.

The first level in the picture is themed for the game’s Dungeon section. I’m not very good at making artwork and quality graphics so I tend to use Photoshop to manipulate images of real world objects. Can you guess what I used for the floor? Maybe I will do a tutorial on how to take real world images and make them look good for game graphics. It saves me time and looks damn good. When people see the “artwork” they assume I added all the detail, never saying anything I soak up all the credit shamefully.

Yep! That’s supposed to be me. Got something to say about it?

Before I can continue with the game itself, I have to define the zombie classes and their abilities. Examples would be, fire zombies or creatures, frozen zombies, exploding zombies, etc. My hero does not even have a weapon of choice yet. Details and more details are needed before I can begin. Expect me to get more in-dept about the game’s design and questions that go into the thinking process of putting together a solid design document. Everyone has given me great feedback and therefore I have confidence that the  idea works. The key will be “Finding the Fun” as Sid Meier would say.

One last note: If you currently develop in flash and are open to working on a open project with me (Programming, Art, Design, Sound) just email me or leave a comment with how to contact you.


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